Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sorry its been so long

New Addiction WOW. Not gonna post alot about it, I've been playing, and its been fun. Andrew plays also, so we do stuff together in game sometimes too. which is nice.

here's some screen shots though.

Gryphons are used to travel around the world, this is me on a gryphon with the sunset in the background.

Here is me in a shop with a floating thingy from the valentines day. I can't really explain what it is, but if you look behind me there is a floating goblin.

Ok this is jellacle and Tyrrion (it might be one R.). Basically its me and Andrew in game. You should see us dance, its really creepy.
Here is us Lying together.

OK, that's it for now. back to my addiction.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Sorry this took so long to get to, Monday I had to take my Mom to the hospital for some tests unexpectedly. Nothings wrong, she's doing fine, just the kinda stuff that happens when you have cancer. they just expect you to run around constantly in the frigid cold. And yesterday was my book club.
So anyway, Penguin day. We got to the aquarium a bit early, so we had to wait around for awhile. but finally we got to go out to the penguin house. Andrew and I were in the first group that went inside to learn about how the penguins are cared for and such. a few penguins were inside, and we got to take pictures of them.

The green mat is where they sleep, evidently they are territorial, and if someone gets too close to a penguin's chosen mat, they get bit. LOL which kept happening to the biologist, the one penguin didn't like when she got close to the mat.
These penguins are warm weather penguins, and are from Africa. the black band on their chest is a sign that they are warm weather climate birds.

Also the pink patches of skin are a sign of the Warm weatherness. its how excess heat escapes. We also found out that since they don't like the cold, they leave the door open so they can come inside and get warm.

The stairs are gated off from the rest of the room, so the biologists can do their "care" duties without 20 penguins driving them crazy. Finally at one point the shoooed the penguins outside for the other group to do enrichment activities with, and we went out to sit and pose for pics with a penguin. Theres a really bad video an employee took, thinking they were taking a pic in another post below.
So then we went around front to see the other penguins, and do enrichment activities.

This is a flock of cold penguins, sitting at a door saying, can we go in now?
LOL so after that, andrew and I went in to get warm, and came back out at 11:00ish to watch the penguins be fed.

Thats when we got some nice pics of my penguin Jack. He's #119.

And no, I can't tell by looking which is Jack, only by the band. though Jack was one of the taller ones there.
Then we hung out at the aquarium, which is really nice, and headed home. We didn't get murdered, which is also nice.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Ok, So Friday we headed down to Camden for Penguin day. So the drive down wasn't bad, its pretty much a straight shot down the turnpike. It didn't start raining until after we got down there, so the roads weren't bad, and not too much traffic. So when we go there , we checked in and went to the room. We stayed at a Double Tree Suites, which this was very nice, had a sitting room with a door and a bedroom. very comfortable. So we looked through the "what can you do in the area book, and decided to go to a local mall.
Ok, so the mall pretty much sucked, wasn't that big, and was like any other mall, but it was out, and walking. But it did have one thing that was pretty neat. there was a rink, I guess you'd call it, set up so you could, roller blade/ skate board, and bmx bike, with ramps and stuff in the mall. it was pretty cool looking, made me wish I lived in the area. I miss roller blading, but the roads are too rough here for me, it gives me a headache. So that was pretty neat, though they didn't seem to rent skates, so I didn't get to skate in it.

Then we went back to the hotel, to waste some time before dinner. Andrew ended up putting on Law and Order reruns while I was reading. I'm still stunned by what happened. This was the episode with the gay couple that adopted a baby, and the birth father kidnaps the kid and beats one of the parents to death. So they are going for a bias crime. They put the mother of the child on the stand, and ask her, what did the defendant say when you asked him to stop kicking the victim, and she says "______________________" They censored it. Now, this is a show that plays on Network TV. and they censored a line. I couldn't believe it. I mean where was I the bible belt of the state of NJ? LOL. basically, it really surprised me. And upset me. I don't like censorship. Now, I expect that since it is public TV, that if something that was done, lets say for HBO is picked up, there may be some changes made to words that are said. While I may not personally agree with it, its the law, and there are reasons for it (similar as to why chicks dancing naked aren't allowed to on a street corner, but can inside the building on that street corner. its kinda, people choose to have cable, especially premium channels, its more public having NBC. But the idea that TNT - a cable channel would censor something that was aired on a public channel is scary to me.
Ok, so after the shock wore off, andrew and I went to dinner at Chilli's, where I had a gift card. So that was nice. Then we went back to the B.Dalton, to get coffee and Andrew bought a book. then back to the hotel, and not much else happened.
I'll talk about Penguin day in another post!
Later all.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


World of warcraft - For those of you who don't know. BTW I'll post about the penguin thing later. So I've started a trial for WOW. Andrew plays, and has been bugging me to play for awhile so I signed up. Its not bad, but the graphics aren't that great. but so far it isn't bad. haven't really partied (played with other players) or anything, but I'm still new.
I'm a hunter Night Elf (er, I think that's right. LOL. I have pointy ears I know that.) which means I can have pets. Though I don't have one yet. But I did the quest that allows me to have pets, so here are some pics of me and the temporary pets.

Penguin Video

I'll post more later. just trying to get this to work.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stuff and Thingy - And now my husband blames Chuck

First off, I have done my part to make sure the greatest video of all time doesn't call me in 7 or 10 days and then come out of the computer monitor to kill me, by showing it to my husband. I'm pretty sure he will show it to Dave later, and then it will be Dave's problem.
In other news I'm doing a trial of World of Warcraft. Its not bad, and I'll be able to play with my husband and Big Chris later, so I'll take it and be happy I guess. I still have 8 days to decide its the stupidest game in the world and stop playing though.
Not really sure I have much more to say. I went to work today, but it was a slow day.
So I guess I'll go now.
Later all

Sunday, January 28, 2007

this will probably be really short cause I'm tired

Actually though, had a decent weekend. Now I get to rest, and I have tomorrow off. Which will be really nice. So, lets see, how did the weekend go. Friday went to work, agreed to change my day off so I could be available to call into a meeting I'm not important enough to actually attend - its in England.
Then I came home, did some stuff, nothing thrilling and went to the con again. Hung out with Keyser until I had to be at reg, then worked reg all night. People really seemed to like my two lumps shirt, which was cool. Then I left at about 11 pm, rushed home, fed furrballs, and went to bed.
Saturday I had to be at the con for 8:00 am, which I was only a few min late. did reg for a bit until after noon - they didn't have a replacement person for the morning people. YUCK! though I did get a security guard of my very own.
Occasionally, people will ask for their badge in such a way that I become weird and ask "and what do I get in return). One of the security guys brought the other security guy over so when I asked the first pointed to the second. I went "I get HIM!! OOOOHH!" The guy seemed just as excited. LOL. Ok, side note, this is a gaming convention, which means lots of dorky guys and not that many girls, regardless of looks. So, if one of the 5 females hits on you in any form at one of these, you have acheived greatness. A GIRL talked to you. ooooh. LOL. So no I don't believe he thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that I had a tight t-shirt and boobs.
ok, back to story. oh, Friday night this guy showed up, and had a roll of bondage tape. Its made to stick to itself, but nothing else. I asked to be bondaged, so he wrapped a bunch around one of my wrists (since I was laminating badges and stuff I couldn't be "cuffed".
So I put the tape back on Saturday morning.
while I'm getting the security guy regged he asks what I did to my wrist. LOL I say, oh its bondage tape, turn to the other and said, now he really thinks he won on this deal. LOL to which they both agreed.

So anyway. I finally got some free time, hung out in CCG - had a coffee. walked a bit with my lovely husband. I also tried a cool CCG (Collectable Card Game) Called Redemption. It is a christian based CCG, and was easy to learn, good mechanics, and alot of fun. Oh, I had lunch also. So then I went back to reg.
Now there is this thingy called a winter ren faire here in NJ. I have been thinking of going, because some people I know will be there, and its like 20 min from my house. So all in all, kinda a win/win. Now, its an "adult" faire, by which they say all outfits need to be beach friendly. and some stuff will be a bit risque. No big deal. I figured I could wear my lion costume, have some fun.
So the guy who runs this show got a table at the con - right across from reg. He was wandering alot, introducing himself to people, so he left a note at his table that he would be back, take a flyer, and leave him a note. So I did. Later at reg, he came by, and I told him, oh, I left you a note. He comes over to me and says, I saw, and I really would like you to come to my faire, and if you do, I promise to personally have sex with you. His name is Jeff Mach There is a very nice pic of him on this page, that makes him look much nicer then he really did. So I'm standing here thinking uh, no. I respond by saying, oh, I would get in trouble if I did that. He responds with I will sleep with your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend wife, who ever else as well so you don't get in trouble.
Now, I realize that I take part in activities that are not the most conservative. I am not afraid of a bit of off-color comments, a little risque humor, some flirting, stuff like that. But this was just creepy. I forget what I said to get rid of him, but I'm actually now thinking maybe I don't want to go to this winter faire thing, because of how he acted. LOL.
Ok. so a little while later, a gentleman comes to the booth, and very nicely asks if I would want to meet him for coffee sometime. I very politely explained I was married, but thanked him. Wheeee. I love being asked out, makes me feel vaguely attractive still. And he was respectful and very nice, which went well.
Then we had chocolate, and then I had a convo with a young lady who was promoting some future cons who was also across fromt the reg desk. Evidently, she was hit on as well, but a scary guy. This guy who hit on her, said will you be at these cons? oh then I'll be there, and licked his lip. Then came over later and said, have you decided to take me up on my offer? ew. LOL we were laughing at the horrible come ons, and then she told me that the guy from the winter faire would get to his table by climbing under it. One time he did that he grabbed her ankle and say oooh, nice view (she had on jeans). LOL. yeah, he was just kinda creepy.
Ok, so that was pretty much it of interest. Time for me to stop typing, so I can get something to drink and play some pogo games.
Have fun all!